EVOSION 34 Vivace and Pure is designed to be able to be sailed and balanced by a small crew. Sailing soft and comfortable through the waves, with plenty of stability and speed from a very heavy keel. The rig is simple and easy to operate. EVOSION 34 introduces a twist control system – E-twist. E-twist controls the twister at the top for better control and performance. The deck is kept free of ropes, and the cockpit is large and functional for many uses. EVOSION 34 can sail with the cockpit tent held up, with a small terrace astern.

The interior is bright and open, equipped with all amenities for cruising. Built in easy chairs each side up along the hull for maximum comfort. The toilet is large and functional, with 3 cabinets and shower. Pantry is large and long ship with good support option at the staircase. And aft queues are long and spacious. Lots of stowage space. LED lighting under beds and in the ditch along the edge of the ceiling. Gives a vague feeling of the interior.

EVOSION 34 is designed strong and durable, with hollow steel keelshaft and bottom frame. This ensures maximum strength and durability.