EVOSION 34 Vivace

1.  Anchor well with integrated furling.

 2.  Lockers on both sides with asymmetric cabinet doors. Can be shut off as doors to the cabin.

3.  Built in chair with the backrest on the sloping hull side. Bunks are with build in stowage space, tank location and fridge.

4.  Spacious toilet with 3 cupboards, wall cabinets and shower. Toilet can also be used as drying ground  with heat intake and exhaust.

5.  Functional galley with gas stove and sink.

6.  E-TWIST – a twist control system. Improved control and performance.

7.  Sheets on cabin top. Quick and easy shot, keeps the tire and cabin top free of ropes.

8.  Optimal helmsman position, good visibility, good control and access to the trim lines and mainsheet. Large, functional and friendly cockpit. Seating for 12 people. Many storage sites for relaxation. Incredibly friendly with working space for movement.

 9.  A concrete and incredibly strong rudder. Reliable in the water without losing its grip. A rudder designed for maximum control.

10. Stainless hollow keelshaft. Incredibly strong and ensures easy maintenance and long life. 600 kg. is spared in the shaft design, and all the spared weight have been moved down into the torpedo. The torpedo weighs 1800 kg and is – combined with E-Twist an important part of the very good sailing characteristics of EVOSION 34 Vivace