Stability is crucial for a boat’s performance.

EVOSION 34 Vivace & Pure is designed with a very heavy keel. A hollow steel keel shaft with all the weight savings moved down to the torpedo, for maximum power and stability.

 Torpedo weights 1800 kg and is an important part of the very good sailing characteristics of Vivace.

The keelshaft is made in 8mm steel, cut into a 20mm steel plate, and welded together on both sides. Finished with a 5mm plate to close the shaft. Bolted with M24 bolts. 12 into the stainless steel frame and 4 M24 bolts down and through the torpedo. A stiff and very durable construction.

Torpedo is designed to minimize the resistance through the water to a boat like EVOSION 34

The torpedo weight creates a stability equivalent to a crew hanging on the side. Therefore sailing Vivace is also balanced with a small crew aboard. Two Star races, and sailing with the family.

The heavy keel and E-Twist together, provide a boat with fantastic all-round qualities. God speed all the time, with great stability and movement in the waves and on flat water.