EVOSION 34 is designed to ensure safety for all occupants. A heavy keel with a very low center of gravity for stability. A hull shaped to sail with low resistance. Together with the low center of gravity, good stable and fast sailing characteristics in low wind and heavy weather.

All trim lines are led below deck, including a roller forestay and gennaker / code zero. Foresail on the cabin top removes the shot of the deck. A self-tails can be mounted in front of the mast for shorthanded sailing.

EVOSION 34 is designed so it is possible to mount a partially or fully closed hedge. Especially families with children will benefit from the opportunity.

Mainsheet rails and trim lines are placed under the seat and does great meat is located entirely aft. This is not in the way when sailing. Even cockpit tent can be turned up sailing with sails. Base frame and keelshaft built in stainless steel, ensures long life and durability – and minimal maintenance.

Hull and deck construction with extra strength in the laminate, for durability and strength.

EVOSION 34 Vivace / Pure is CE approved Category A – Open water, which is your assurance, that the security is in order. EVOSION 34 is designed to sail, even when other boats have to give up!