Technical specification

EVOSION 34 – Vivace

  • Length:  10,29m
  • Water line:  9,4m
  • Width :  3,11m
  • Weight:  4,8t
  • Depth standard: 2,1.
  • Depth optional:  1,95-2,3m
  • Keel weight:  2t
  • Torpedo:  1,8t
  • Engine std.:  20 HK
  • Main sail:  43 m2
  • Jib – 105%:  29 m2
  • Gennaker:  116m2
  • Code zero:  95 m2

EVOSION 34 – Pure

  • Length:  10,29m
  • Water line:  9,4m
  • Width :  3,11m
  • Weight:  4,6t
  • Depth: 2,om
  • Keel weight:  2t
  • Torpedo:  1,8t
  • Engine:  20 HK
  • Main sail:  39 m2
  • Jib – 105%:  27 m2
  • Gennaker:  99m2
  • Code zero:  85 m2

Hull: Injection composite vinylester,25mm core.

Deck: As the hull with 20 mm core. 

Torpedo: 1806 kg. lead design calculated to minimize the resistance from friction, wet surface and volume.

Keel strain: Steel construction to maximize strength, durability and weight distribution. A hollow structure with the same strength as massive. A weight saving of approx. 600 kg. has moved into the torpedo. 

Rudder: A good all-around rudder, not losing its grip in the water. A rudder that does not stall. Minimal resistance with maximum power, 68mm aluminum rudder strain from Jefa.

Mast and boom: As a standard aluminum. Optional carbon.

Cockpit: 2 meters wide plans with room for sun bed. Mate can control the mainsail trim and lap brace from his seat. By installing an electric winches and a self-tails to the jib, the boat can be operated from the mates location.