EV-35R boat color option with foil

Give Evosion 35 Race a personal expression with foil.

Easy to mount and remove.

The foil protects the boat, and the gelcoat.

Try your ideas on our – easy to use – template. Any ideas to try, let us know.

Last picture is our first low-res picture of black – with logo – design.



























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EV-35R exterior design

We are proud to precent the final design of the Evosion 35 Race.

Better design and function.

Most important updates :

  • Slip edge throughout the boat, increased security, to direct rainwater behind and is a beautiful solution.
  • 2 large hatches behind, with large stowage space under.
  • The hull design is updated with the latest knowledge, and is a very fast allround hull, with very little resistance.
  • Bowsprit centered, making it possible to use the bowsprit in different positions for different sails and windconditions.
  • Furling system above deck, Facnor FD, build in low. For safety and weight, above deck.
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EV-35R wood interior

Evosion 34 Race – classic inspired maritime wood design.

Walnut interior and teak floor and teak steps.

A warm and modern danish-inspired design furniture – interior.

Light, simple and functional.

Same interior, different expression.

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EV-35R multifunction interior

Multifunction beds in saloon.

Stow behind, double function backrest.

Wide and comfortable for sleeping, and more narrow to sit comfortably.

Take the table out, and the table bracket provides good comfort when sailing


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EV-35R interior

Evosion is proud to show the final interior of EVOSION 35 Race.

Modern design, light interior, functional.

The surface of the interior can also be made of wood. A maritime expression.

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EV-35R new drawings

Evosion is in the process of making the final design on EV-35R

Follow the process on this site !!!

These drawings is the first sketches of the final design.

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EV-35R specification

L.O.A.                                                             10,48m
Water Line                                                      9,97m
Width                                                                 3,19m
Depth – Standard                                          2,15m
Displacement – light                                 2800kg
Keel                                                                 1200kg
Water tank                                                            60l

Engine                                                              Option

Hull and deck
Injection divinycell vinylester composite.
Reinforced at all fittings and penetrations.

Large storage locker port side under the cockpit seat, and
large floor storage locker, with access to the rudder stock.
Aluminum tiller, footrests in floor and on benches.
4 winches of recognized quality.
Beam lowered into the floor.
Fall and control lines are all led to cockpit.
Prepared for installation of 2 x 1.8 m sunbed between benches.

Mainsail – E-Twist                                         39m²
Jib – 105%                                                        30m²
Gennaker                                                       120m²
J                                                                       4.12m
P                                                                    13.13m
E                                                                        4,7m

Aluminum mast *, double spreader, rod rig. Chain plates mounted
in the hull side, reinforced and supported in the hull side.
Continuous mast standing on the bottom frame.
Boom with double single line reef. Rod kicker with gas spring.
Double backstay. Double halyard system.
Jammers at all halyards, dyneema halyard and lanterns.
Complete rigging, halyards, control lines and sheets.
Aluminum bowsprit **
* Alternative carbon mast and 2 double sided trim system.
** Alternative carbon.

Steel keel with partial hollow keel shaft to increase stability without
increase the keel weight.

Bottom Frame

Fiberglass and steel construction.
Steering system and rudder.
Rudder stock in aluminum, rudder vinylester sandwich structure.
Self-adjusting roller bearings to minimize friction.
Rudder stock prepared for emergency helm, and prepared for the autopilot.
Alternatively with 2 rudders, steering wheels, pedestals with instrument panels.

Safety – CE
Ropes led to the cockpit.
Secure slip pattern for maximum contact with the boat.
Sea reeling m/4mm SWR.
Escape hatches in front. Bilge Pumps.
Very stiff, strong and durable construction.
Swim ladder near the surface.
CE approved Category A – Open Ocean.

EV-35R is as basic boat without engine installation.
Prepared for any complete engine installation.

12V 100A GEL battery. can be fully discharged without damage
Additional and larger batteries can be fitted.
HFI with 220v outlet and charger for battery.
Lighting below deck: 12V LED.
Electrical panel with circuit breakers.

EV-35R is accommodated white / light gray.
Bulkheads are laminated to the hull for maximum strength and
security. All lists and panels are glued and / or screwed on.
All cushions are made of good quality. Color by choice.
Other qualities, materials are available upon request.
To save weight, hull in several places painted with topcoat.
The interior is designed simple and functional.
Designed bright, functional, and with room to move.

Galley – starboard side.
Functional galley with sink and double alcohol burner.
Cabinets and drawers.
Sliding doors by cabinets over the table for easy access.
Water system with 60L. water tank and foot pump.

Chart table / engineering table port side.

Chart table with technique.

Swallow Box prepared for refrigerator assembly.
Cupboards and storage space.

Front Cabin
Double bed – 2.05 m long, LED lighting. Stowage under beds.

Porta Potti chemical toilet. Option – toilet with septic tank.
Sink and water with foot pump.

The saloon is equipped with 2 longitudinal settees / bunks,
angle relative to the hull sides, to achieve maximum space.
Bunks are pipe beds with newly developed extraction system
to increase seating comfort, and the sleep comfort width, ability to
lie to the windward side when sailing.
Backrest up the hull to increase volume in the salon and improve
seating comfort. LED lighting.

Aft cabin
Huge bed aft with the opportunity to lay across and along.
Stowage space under the bed, and the opportunity to hang bags on the hull side
Cushions are divided, so they can also be used in the cockpit.
Removable canvas partitions can be selected for splitting
the bed. Extra storage locker in the middle able to sleep to the windward side.

Individual solutions can be made.

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EV-35R specification DK

Basisbåden er opsat i hurtigste konfiguration,

så let og funktionel som muligt.

Længde 10,48 m
Vandlinje 9,97 m
Bredde 3,19 m
Dybde – standard 2,15 m
Deplacement 2800 kg
Køl 1200 kg
Vand tank 60 l
Motor Tilvalg
Skrog og dæk
Injection vinylester divinycell composite.
Forstærket ved alle beslag og gennemføringer.
Stort stuverum bagbord side under cockpitsæde, og
stort stuverum agter i dørk med adgang til rorstamme.
RF rorpind, fodstøtter i dørk.
Spil i anerkendt kvalitet.
Skødeskinne nedsænket i dørk.
Fald og trimliner er alle ført til cockpit.
Forberedt til montage af 2 x 1,8m solseng mellem kistebænke.
Storsejl – E-Twist 39
Fok – 105% 30
Gennakker 120
J 4,16 m
P 13,15 m
E 4,7 m
Aluminium rig *, dobbelt salling, rodrigget. Røstjern monteret
i skrogsiden, forstærket og understøttet i skrogsiden.
Gennemgående mast stående på bundrammen.
Bom med dobbelt single reb. Kicking strap med gasdæmper.
Top-pisk for at løfte hækstag over kappe.
4 tribble aflastere, dyneemafald og lanterner.
Komplet rig, fald, trimliner og skøder.
Carbon Bovspyd.
*  Alternativ carbon mast.
Stål køl med delvis hul kølsramme for at øge stabiliteten uden at
forøge kølens vægt.
Glasfiber konstruktion med stål afstivninger.
Styresystem og ror
Rorstamme i aluminium, sandwich opbygget.
Selvjusterende rullelejer for mindst mulig friktion.
Rorstamme forberedt til nødror, og forberedt til autopilot.
Alternativt med 2 ror, ratsøjler, instrumentpaneler.
Sikkerhed – CE
Tovværk ført til cockpit.
Sikkert skridmønster for maksimal kontakt med båden.
Søgelænder m/4mm stålwire.
Nødluge forrest. Lænsepumper.
Meget stiv, stærk og holdbar konstruktion.
Badestige nær vandoverfladen.
Vivace CE godkendes i kategori A – Open Ocean.
EV-35R er som basis båd uden motor.
Forberedt til komplet motor installation.
12V system
100A GEL forbrugsbatteri, maksimal udnyttelse.
Ekstra og større batterier kan monteres.
Strøm fordeler fra lader til batterigrupper.
Landstrøm indtag i cockpit, HFI m/220v udtag og lader til batteri.
Lys under dæk : 12V LED.
Elpanel med automatsikringer.
Vivace er apteret hvit / lyst gråt.
Skotter er lamineret til skroget for maksimal styrke og
sikkerhed. Alle lister og paneler bliver limet og/eller skruet på.
Alle hynder er fremstillet i god kvalitet. Farve efter valg.
Andre kvaliteter, materialer eller læder kan leveres efter ønske.
For at spare vægt er skrog flere steder malet med topcoat.
Interiøret er designet enkelt, og funktionelt. Designet for at
skabe ro, lys og bevægelsesfrihed.
Pantry – styrbord side.
Funktionelt pantry med vask og dobbelt spritblus.
Skabe og skuffer til service og køkkengrej.
Skydelåger ved skabe over bordet for enkel adgang.
Vandsystem med 60l. vandbeholder og fodpumpe.
Kortbord / teknikbord bagbord side.
Kortbord med teknik.
Svaleboks forberedt for montage af køl.
Skabe og stuveplads.
Dobbeltkøje 2,05m lang, LED belysning. Stuverum under køjer.
Porta potti kemisk toilet. Mulighed for søtoilet med septiktank.
Håndvask og vand med fodpumpe.
Salonen er indrettet med 2 langsgående sofaer / køjer
vinklet i forhold til skrogsiderne for at opnå maksimal plads.
Køjer er rørkøjer med nyudviklet udtrækningssystem
for at øge sidde komfort og ligge dybden, og mulighed for at
ligge til luv side under sejlads.
Ryglæn op af skrog for at øge volumen i salonen og forbedre
siddekomforten. LED besysning.
Kæmpe agterkøje med mulighed for at ligge på tværs og langs.
Stuverum under køjer og mulighed for at hænge tasker op på
Hynder er opdelt så de også kan bruges i cockpit.
Aftagelige sejldugs skillevægge kan tilvælges for at opdele
agterkøjen. Esktra stuverum midt, mylighed for at sove til luv.
Der tages forbehold for ændringer i specifikationen og trykfejl.
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EVOSION is proud to introduce EV-35R.

A VO70/TP52/Class40 inspired modern fast hull.

Designed :

  • to challenge even the best sailors.
  • as light as possible with as little resistance in the water as possible.
  • with a powerful sail area.
  • with E-Twist to control the sail area.
  • to crew racing and shorthanded racing.
  • to be a daysailor / weekend cruiser and a winning fast racer.
  • light and open interior with lots of space to after sailing, friends and family.
  • with  tube beds to sleep to the windward side when sailing, fast distance sailing.
  • with a open and comfortable cockpit also when sailing.
  • With 7 beds and lots of possibilities.

Fun sailing, fast sailing, without heavy interior to make the boat slow.

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New Pure

EVOSION 34 Pure is changed with a new and open interior.

A one design yacht.

Designed to sail fast and smooth both with crew and shorthanded. The heavy keel gives a lot of stability when heeling, and stable sailing. Almost sailing as good and fast with only 2 people  as full crew.

The open interior gives more space, still being a very strong and safe construction.

More information, contact EVOSION

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